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Location: Staying near Ao Nang/ live in UK

Simon Berry

Chose to eat a rare non-Thai meal in the #1 reviewed restaurant in Ao Nang... I was not, overall, disappointed.
Thank you most of all for being the only restaurant I've EVER eaten in to cook a rare steak exactly as I cook it for myself; raw but warm in the centre. I've been disappointed many times by a medium-rare+ piece of meat presented to me. The service was friendly and polite (though noone came to check the food was to our liking while we were eating... It was), at no point were we waiting for anything. The complimentary sambuca digestif was a nice touch too.
Some slight criticism; the lobster bisque was, to my mind, a little rich and needed passing through a finer sieve. Also the mushroom sauce to accompany the steak was a bit of a let down, mushrooms (delicious in themselves) in a white sauce do not a mushroom sauce make!
Overall delighted with the experience and would happily come back/ recommend people to eat at carnivore, you deserve all the good feedback you have on tripadvisor, it's obvious a few snooty people expect more than a fine dining experience!
Oh, I would also have liked the option of a Shiraz or Malbec by the glass if I'm being really picky!
I was the english guy with dreadlocks in with my girlfriend tonight, sorry I didn't take the time to say all this in person at the restaurant, you seemed very busy doing what you do very well, thanks for a great time.

Location: UK


While staying near Ao Nang we heard about the 'Carnivore' and visited 3 times in the 10 nights we were holidaying. On our 3rd visit there was a misunderstanding with my sons steak but the owner took the matter in hand and produced another perfect piece of meat. The food is brilliant and the waitresses are the friendliest, most charming and probably the prettiest in Ao Nang. There is NO EXCUSE not to go!

Location: Singapore
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Sandra, Tony, Youri, Lotte and Jelle

On our last evening in Krabi we decided to have a steak. Our divemaster Geoff suggested this place. He was right! We are all convinced this is the best steak in town. We are a Dutch family living in Singapore and this place can compete with any steak restaurant we have been to.

Location: España

José Andrés Ferra

Cinco días en Krabi y cinco comidas en el Carnivore, nuestro mayor hallazgo no solo por su exquisita carne al paladar si no a la vista y olfato, la amabilidad y simpatía del Chef Holandés y de las camareras autóctonas dignas de mención, maravillosos, y todo a un muy buen precio, Se puede pedir más!!!!

Location: Singapore

Donny & Vilma Lim

Hi Gidi

Best steaks ever consumed; the only down side is that I need to fly to Krabi in order to get a meat fix of the highest quality and consistency.

Location: Tokyo


Hi Gidi
Back in Ao Nang tomorrow and we are looking forward to enjoy a nice, juicy steak together with a lovely bottle of wine in the days to come.
Megumi & Werni

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